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The Joaktree team is open for any comments or ideas to improve the component. Please, feel free, to discuss new features and ideas for the Joaktree component on the forum, or submit them through contacting me via contact page.

Currently, the following wishes are listed.

  1. Creating a visual representation of a family tree;
  2. Calculate relationship distance between two persons;
  3. Integrating Joaktree with JomSocial;
  4. Integrating Joaktree with Community Builder;
  5. Add resizing picture functions to Joaktree;
  6.  Create option for showing an other name (example: nickname) instead of "living";
  7. Fine tuning the option for not showing pictures of living persons;
  8. Add the use of Google Maps to Joaktree  (v1.4.2) ;
  9. Upgrade Ancestor chart: more partner information and partner links;
  10. Upload functionality for GedCom files;
  11. Fix: Ancestor view it doesn't show any dates;
  12. Show witnesses for events;
  13.  Improve search function and navigation function for search plugin  (v1.4.2) ;
  14. Plugin to link a an article directly to the Joaktree person  (v1.4.2);
  15. Incorporate Joaktree views (descendant chart, ancestor chart, etc.) into an article.

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